Our team

Headroom is brought to you by an experienced team that has created and managed AI products used by Billions of Users at tech startups and large companies including Google and Magic Leap. The founders helped create the world’s leading Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products, started Unicorns, and have won a Webby.
Julian Green
CoFounder, CEO
Andrew Rabinovich
CoFounder, CTO
Tarrence van As
CoFounder, Principal Engineer
Bryan Innes
Jemil Ezzet
Software Engineer
Megan Hardy
Applied Deep Learning Research Engineer

Our investors

We are backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley

Anna Patterson - Gradient Ventures

Evan Nisselson - LDV Capital

Jerry Yang - AME Cloud Ventures

Ash Patel - Morado Ventures

Serge Belongie - Cornell Tech Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Anthony Goldbloom - Co-Founder & CEO of Kaggle.com

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