Turn Interaction into Intelligence

Headroom accelerates the time to market for companies looking to leverage the power of multimodal AI to create collaborative experiences for their end users.

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A Headroom modal showing interaction between two participants
Transform the way teams work together with interactive AI


Connection is at the core of collaboration. Utilize audio and video feeds from Headroom’s real-time communication service, or connect your own.
Enable video, audio and text-based communication in platform
Retrieve data to visualize and assess participant involvement, empowering users to analyze the dynamics and balance of a conversation


Headroom’s context-aware models interact with your platform to connect human interaction with business-relevant content.
Automatically recognize and assign action items
Retain exact quotes or generative summaries of a speech utterance or chat in a format native to your platform (i.e. a sticky note, task, card, etc)


Transform your platform into a comprehensive knowledge base that can reference not only documents and files, but meetings, chats and asynchronous video.
Provide users with summaries and structured insights
Create a curated selection of the most significant moments and discussion points from a meeting or working session

Multimodal & Generative AI Made Easy

Unlock benefits for both your developers and end users with Headroom’s SDK.

Save Time

Build interactive AI-powered features in days, not months. You can focus on building great products while we manage development, fine-tuning and infrastructure.

Increase Productivity

Bring context to the work teams do together with in-platform connection and understanding, delivering a personalized experience that makes your product essential to their workflow.

Boost Engagement

Make the work teams do on your platform more intuitive, efficient and memorable so they keep coming back.

Remember Everything

Transform any platform into a searchable, shareable knowledge base that captures the full range of remote and hybrid work.

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